4th Fri at 7pm each month

Movie Night
Wheel Of Favor Directions

7:00 Start 7:01 Ticket handout ends for the Wheel of Favor
7:00 Imagination Station by George Bronner
7:10 Popcorn and snacks distributed
7:20 Movie intro and start
The movie is usually a major Hollywood movie
and typically runs 90 to 120 minutes
There is a short discussion after the movie and then
The Wheel of Favor

for easy directions to The Ark of Salvation

Wheel Of Favor Rules

14 Game Rules

  •  You MUST be in the building by 7:00 PM Sharp in order to get a ticket, including staff (NO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Any person under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian to play.

14 Game Rules

  • You must be present to win and you cannot transfer your ticket to anyone.
  • Only one ticket per person

  • Wherever the Wheel of Favor stops, that is the prize you win.


14 Game Rules

  • The winning ticket holder gets to spin the Wheel of Favor
  • The Wheel of Favor must spin for at least five seconds

14 Game Rules

  • You WIN the prize where the wheel stops. If it stops on the $10,000.00 you spin again. You win double the prize where it stops the 2nd time or $10,000.00 if it stops on the $10,000.00 on the 2nd spin.
  • BUT you have a choice. You can trash the 2nd spin and spin again. If it lands on the 10K, you win the 10K or double whatever it lands on for the 3rd spin but you cannot go back to the prize of the 2nd spin.
  • It is now EASIER to win the $10,000.00

14 Game Rules

  • You are not required to be a member of The ARK of Salvation.
  •  All winners are responsible for taxes on prizes over $500

14 Game Rules

  • Prizes that need to be purchased such as TVs will be delivered to the winner’s address within 7 days or can be picked up at the church.
  • No purchase or payment of any kind is required

We look forward to seeing you!